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Buying a home to live in is a huge moment in most people’s lives. The right decision can change your life, and help secure your financial future. Yet the odds are stacked against you.  

You are dealing with sellers estate agents, well trained, full time real estate professionals whose only goal is to get you to purchase as soon as possible, at the highest possible price.

To achieve this aim they are armed with a multitude of tools, insider knowledge, tips and even tricks. 
You’re probably also very good at your job, as they are at theirs. If you are also time-poor, but relatively keen to buy, it can be an cocktail of emotions that can end up to be quite disappointing or worse, extremely costly and more stressful than it needs to be.


If you are looking for an investment property, in some ways it is harder than buying to live in. You need to ensure you have the correct mortgage to get investment tax deductions, depreciation benefits, and full time rental  occupancy in a growing location, without oversupply.

While also considering new or older properties, apartments or townhouses,  established homes or building, all while dealing with developers, or estate agents acting for the vendor( the seller). 

Previously, the balance of power was all on the sellers side in Australia. We address this in-balance by quite simply acting for the buyer. 


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