14 Essential Strategies, Insider Tips and Costly Pitfalls Overseas Buyers Need to Know About ... 

Before Buying Property in Australia!

By Mike Bentley

In my role as a Buyers Agent specialising in overseas based clients, I have seen many common buying errors over and over again that can be very costly. Understanding these mistakes, strategies and buyers tips in advance can greatly help you when buying, whether you are a returning expat, an Australian living overseas, a future or approved migrant....

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"Over the years, I have seen many buyers make numerous mistakes when purchasing property in Australia when living overseas. These are 14 of my top tips, strategies and avoidable mistakes. Whether you go it alone, put your trust in an estate agent, or choose to team up with your own Buyers Agent, being aware of these tips and costly mistakes can only be of huge benefit" 

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Here Is Just A Fraction Of What You Need to Know Before You Contact an Agent to Look at Property: (Below)

The Overseas Buyers Guide to Australian Property

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  Here Is Just A Fraction Of What You Need to Know Before You Start to Look for an Australian Property


 You’ll Discover in This Report:

  • How to avoid being the ‘Auction Stooge’ that agents love!  – that leaves real estate agents pocketing thousands in easy commissions

  • Over one quarter of all homes in Australia offered for sale remain UNSOLD more than 6 months later - and how to buy one of these at a hugely discounted price

  • Who can you trust when buying? - the real estate agent who opens the house on the weekend, your family and friends, or someone else?  Virtually every overseas buyer is getting this wrong, it is costing them tens of thousands in lost profits

  • What you should do if a real estate agent says they have "several other buyers about to make an offer" – this essential tip could save you a substantial sum

  • This simple change to making your offer to purchase that can boost the chances of getting the property! This easy change has been proven to increase your chance of beating out other buyers by over three times!

  • The ONLY person you should trust to give you an accurate opinion on a property you are thinking of buying (and NO it is NOT your relative living in Australia!)

- And much more! There are 14 Common and Costly mistakes in this report you need to know about BEFORE starting to look for your Aussie property. 

Several of them could make you, or save you, tens of thousands, and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars.


The Overseas Owner Guide to Selling Their Australian Property

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